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January 2021


Ready to Look for a Clinical Trial? HNCA Wants to Help.

We’ve partnered with Emerging Med to offer a Clinical Trial Finder service. The service provides information on current clinical trials in the United States and Canada. You can customize your searches based on a range of criteria that includes the specific cancer type, stage, treatment history and location. While HNCA can’t answer questions about specific trials, we encourage you to discuss any questions you may with your health care provider.


Our partnership with Emerging Med is based on an unwavering commitment to Privacy.


Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

  1. ACCESS CUTTING-EDGE CANCER TREATMENTS: New and promising treatments may only be available to patients in clinical trials. Participating in trials may be the most promising option for some cancer patients.
  2. HELP WITH SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH AND HELP FUTURE CANCER PATIENTS: There are still many unmet needs in cancer, especially for patients with advanced, metastatic disease. Many patients may be hesitant about participating in a cancer clinical trial for fear that the treatment may be too risky, or that the side effects may be severe. Cancer clinical trials are generally safe. Clinical trials are vital for doctors to understand how to identify and manage side effects. Some patients may believe that they will receive a ‘placebo’ rather than an active drug in place of treatment in cancer clinical trials. Patients will always receive treatment even while on a clinical trial if an approved treatment already exists. 

HNCA Welcomes Rob Paulsen Back for a Second Year as Our Spokesperson

HNCA is excited to welcome back voice actor Rob Paulsen for a second year as our HNCA “SpokesToon.” Rob will continue his amazing work raising awareness of head and neck cancer through interviews, videos, and other media outreach during Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week and throughout the year!


HNCA Ambassador and Oral Cancer Survivor, Jacki Rogozinski, Shares Her Experience with Lymphedema

Eleven years before my diagnosis, my mom endured lengthy treatment for cervical and uterine cancer and, thankfully, had survived the ordeal. As part of her treatment, many lymph nodes were removed from her groin which led to uncomfortable swelling in her legs and the need for daily compression wraps. That’s when I first became aware of  lymphedema.


At first, I didn’t make the connection between my mom’s experience and my own. I’d had 33 lymph nodes removed from the left side of my neck; but I thought lymphedema only affected the extremities, like my mom’s legs or breast cancer patients’ arms that swelled after lymph nodes were removed from the armpits. I soon learned that lymphedema is quite common among head and neck cancer survivors.


Mentors Now Available to Assist Head and Neck Cancer Patients Through Their Journeys  

The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, through a new partnership with Imerman Angels, now offers peer-to-peer support for the head and neck cancer community. Through a unique matching process, we will connect head and neck cancer survivors and caregivers (known as Mentor Angels) with patients and patient caregivers who share similar cancer journeys. Mentor Angels are available to lend support and empathy, help cancer fighters and caregivers navigate the system, determine their options, and create their own support systems. We are now accepting applications for both survivors and past caregivers (Mentor Angels) and new/current head and neck cancer patients and patient caregivers. 


Note: The service is free and helps everyone touched by cancer. All Mentor Angels are properly screened and trained. We ask that you only register yourself.  


This program is made possible through a partnership between
Head and Neck Cancer Alliance and Imerman Angels.


HNCA Ambassador, Mike Metzler, Raises Spirits and Funds with His Memoir of Life as a Patient and 12-Year Survivor

Mike Metzler was diagnosed with Stage 4 head and neck cancer in February of 2009. His diagnosis started what would become two journeys in Cancer World, a physical and psychological place unwillingly inhabited by cancer patients, their caregivers, families, and friends. Mike tells the story of his experiences as a cancer patient being treated and as a 12-year survivor in My Two Journeys in Cancer World: Team Mike Versus the Prairie Dogs, published in May of 2019 by Auctus Publishers. Mike tells his story with great emotion, clarity, sometimes uncomfortable honesty, and an unfailing sense of humor. It’s a story of perseverance, survival, and optimism—even when there was little to be optimistic about so many times on his journeys. Mike is graciously donating his author’s royalties to the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance.


Us vs. HPV Prevention Week is January 25-29, 2021


Hosted by the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC), and Indiana University, Us vs. HPV Prevention Week is scheduled for January 25-29, 2021! The 2021 webinar series will provide the latest updates on FDA’s approval of the HPV vaccine for oropharyngeal cancers, World Health Organization’s (WHO) formal adoption of the global strategy to eliminate cervical cancer, and American Cancer Society’s changes to the cervical cancer screening guidelines, among other important topics. Learn more about HPV Prevention Week.


Each 1-hour webinar is intended for health care providers, parents, patients, young leaders, students, and advocates who have an interest in the area of women’s health. Thursday's focus is on oropharyngeal cancer. Join us for this important session!

HPV-Oropharyngeal Cancers: Give it a Shot
January 28, 2021  |  12:00 - 1:00pm Eastern
Moderator: Cecelia E. Schmalbach, MD, MSc, FACS


  • An Update on HPV‐related Throat Cancer: Time to Prevent is Now
    ​​Michael G. Moore, MD, FACS
  • HPV Vaccine: A Vaccine that Prevents Cancer
    ​Margot Savoy, MD, MPH, FAAFP, FABC, CPE, CMQ, FAAPL
  • HPV‐Induced Oropharyngeal Cancer: The Patient & Partner Perspective
    Thomas Howerton, BSRT
    Julie Howerton, NP, CNS, MBA

What's New in Clinical Trials and Research Studies?

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HNCA’s work would not be possible without our sponsors and partners. Please see below to learn more about our partners and the clinical trials that are underway to help head and neck cancer patients. For more information about clinical trials and where to find trials that might apply to you or a loved one, visit our Clinical Trials page.

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