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May 2020

2020 Oral Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week® Wrap-Up

Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week took place April 13-19, 2020! Although we were unable to perform screenings in most countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were pleased to provide our partners with new digital tools to help raise awareness of oral, head and neck cancer, its symptoms, risk factors, and other related topics. Thank you to those who helped us spread the word online!

We encourage you to explore these resources and share them freely throughout the year.


Changing Face of Head and Neck Cancer


Self-Exam Guide


Head and Neck Cancer Means A Difficult “New Normal” for Many Survivors

Linked Between HPV and Head and Neck Cancer

Quitting Smoking


Quitting Alcohol


Head and Neck Cancer Statistics

Head and Neck Cancer Risk Factors

Head and Neck Cancer Symptoms

Rob Paulsen

Meet our 2020 Spokesperson! Maybe you don’t know Rob Paulsen, but you’ve heard him. A lot. You know him from Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, and most of the other animated projects that Paulsen has been part of as a voice actor for nearly three decades. As a throat cancer survivor, Rob is now using his famous voice for a good cause--raising awareness of head and neck cancer and promoting the importance of early detection and prevention.


OHANCA 2020 Screenings Update

HNCA thanks our medical and dental partners for their interest in our 2020 Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness (OHANCA) Program. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, screenings and other group activities planned for the spring have been placed on hold.

However, screening is an important tool for identifying head and neck cancer early, and we are hopeful that we can proceed with screenings by fall. We encourage our partners to reschedule screening events for later in the year, working with your institution’s public health teams to determine the appropriate timing and venue to optimize the safety of the event.

When you are cleared by your institution to proceed with a screenings, you may register your events using the link below. 


Featured Resources


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COVID-19 Guidance and Resources

As we face this global COVID-19 pandemic and many unknowns, it may be particularly stressful for those undergoing treatment for cancer, caretakers, and survivors. The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance would like to offer some resources and tips for our community. We also welcome you to join the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance’s online community and our Facebook page where you can share concerns, get connected with others, and stay updated.


COVID-19 and the Cancer Patient/Survivor

Living in the COVID-19 era as a cancer patient or survivor is scary and brings new physical and emotional concerns.  But, you are not alone. Hear from some of our HNCA Ambassadors on how they are coping during the global pandemic.

Gary Lazarz, HNCA Ambassador and HPV-attributed Throat Cancer survivor, shares a positive message for individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tom Bennett, HNCA Ambassador and HPV-Sttributed Throat Cancer survivor, shares his perspective of COVID-19 and how he maintains a positive mental health.


2020 Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Symposium

HNCA has been hard at work planning the inaugural Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Symposium, originally scheduled for July 18, 2020 in Chicago. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, this year’s in-person Symposium has been canceled, as the health and well-being of patients, survivors and caregivers is our highest priority.
We recognize a great need for resources for survivors, patients and caregivers that offer education and connect.  Therefore, HNCA is excited to offer a virtual Survivorship Symposium Series this summer in lieu of its in-person program. As we develop the details of the program, we welcome your feedback on topics and timing for the webinar series.  Please take five minutes to complete this questionnaire here. The deadline for responses is Monday, May 18 at noon Eastern.

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Get Involved and Support Head and Neck Cancer Patients

You have the power to raise awareness, encourage prevention, promote screening and early detection, and advocate for access to care. Interested in contributing your time or supporting HNCA? We offer a variety of ways to get involved:

  • Organize an awareness or fundraising event in your community;
  • Donate. Your unrestricted gift is key to supporting our mission and our most critical programs;
  • Become a Corporate Partner of events and/or patient-focused or clinician education programs;
  • Partner with our organization and host a screening in your community (only available to clinicians).

For more information on the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, click here.


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Thank You to our Corporate and Community Partners

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